A Guide to Booster Seats

Depending on the child’s size, booster seats may be used for children as young as four or as old as twelve.  Booster seats still fasten into the car, typically using the LATCH system, but are often backless.  The job of a Booster seat, unlike most convertible seats, is not to secure the child into a special seat with a special harness, but to raise the child and allow him or her to properly secure themselves using a standard seat belt.

Children are commonly rushed into Booster Seats because of convenience.  Children may have difficulty buckling themselves into a harnessed car seat, but may find it easier to buckle themselves into a standard seat belt.  Similarly, booster seats tend to be smaller and less intrusive in backseats that have multiple children fighting for space.  That said, it is important to place a child in a Booster Seat only when they are ready for one, not when it is simply convenient.

Fortunately for your wallet, due to the smaller size and limited function, Booster seats tend to be the cheapest item covered in this guide (and you have a few years left until they start college!).  But there’s still more to this guide.  What about 3 in 1 seats?


Part 1: A Basic Guide to Infant Car Seats

Part 2: A Basic Guide to Convertible Car Seats

Part 3: A Basic Guide to Booster Seats

Part 4: A Basic Guide to 3 in 1 Car Seats

Part 5: What is LATCH?  What about older cars?


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