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LATCH goes by a few different names.  Canadian readers might be familiar with UAS or CANFIX, and European readers may know of ISOFIX. In any case, it refers to an international standard for child safety seats and their attachment points in cars.  Car manufacturers in the US are required to abide by LATCH. Standard attachment... Continue Reading →

3 in 1 Car Seats

Oh the 3 in 1 Car Seat - pure temptation.  This is the newest entry to the car seat market.  Most major companies have put out an all in one solution that takes you from infant to school-age child, all in one box.  But beware; some "all in ones" do not have a rear-facing option... Continue Reading →

A Basic Guide to Convertible Car Seats

(Graco Extend2Fit) Convertible Car Seats will hold a child for a large part of his or her young life.  Children as young as infants can be put in rear-facing convertible seats, while even school-age children can sit in forward-facing convertible seats.  Convertible car seats have different weight limits, and can be as low as 40... Continue Reading →

Guide to Infant Car Seats

Infant Car Seats actually come in two parts.  There is a base, which is latched and buckled into the car, and the actual "seat" which is detachable and is locked into the base piece.  The car seat is always rear facing to better support the neck of the child in the event of a front-end... Continue Reading →

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